Monday, 30 June 2014

Exotica of Sri Lanka

After independence in 1948 Sri Lanka showed great promise of achieving prosperity and emerging a leading nation in the world. But these promises were short lived as in the early 1970s Sri Lanka become a land of constant terror agitation due to the manifestation of ethnic conflicts and by a outbreak of arms insurrection by extremists groups. Thousands of people were killed and veined by these conflicts which lasted nearly three decades. Thousands became widows and orphans and many lost even their sense of identity. In November 2005 Mahinda Rajpaksa the Sri Lankan President came into office with a promise to bring negotiated settlement or eliminating terrorism by military means. A military option was finally adopted to end the conflict, fulfilling the president’s promise and peoples mandate by defeating the LTTE in 2009. There are countries which have a deep ancient history to explore and then there is Sri Lanka where history has just been made. To witness a nation at the peak of its celebrations, a nation which now stands united to eliminate any distant sorrow, a nation which sees every visitor as a redeemer of its soul than it is time to step into the small Asian Island country of Sri Lanka. 

Travel To Sri Lanka
Our holiday packages to Sri Lanka have tried to connect all the ends of this diverse nation to give you the best experience of this tropical Island. Sri Lanka known as Ceylon in the past is an Island that is captivating both by its name and what it actually offers to its visitors. The natural beauty of the Islands tropical forests, beaches and varied landscapes as well its cultural heritage makes Sri Lanka one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. From 1505 to 1948 Sri Lanka was ruled by the Dutch, British and Portuguese and signs of its colonial legacy still remains. The country has a history spanning several centuries which can be noted in the Mahavamsa which is a continuous historical record of Sri Lanka and dates back over 2500 years. Home to four major religions of the world, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity Sri Lanka is tipped in culture and traditions which can be witnessed by year round festival celebrations. Offering unique sights and sounds Sri Lanka is a land like no other. Our Deluxe tours to Sri Lanka have been designed to capture the uniqueness in authenticity, compactness and diversity that the land offers. Flowers, plants and trees the vegetation is lush and abundant and traditional medicines make use of lots of Sri Lanka's medicinal plants. It's a land full of exotic birds and animals and famous for its Asiatic elephants. Our Deluxe tour packages help you experience the Sri Lankan way of serving food in the most plush and luxurious of hotels. There is no sincerer love than the love of food and if you are a true foodie Sri Lankan cuisine is there to surprise your taste bud senses. There are over 6000 practitioners of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka known for their Ayurvedic medicines and unusual massages which have proven to sooth the mind and act as one of the best stress busters.  

Experience the compact yet diverse Island of Sri Lanka through our holiday packages to Sri Lanka. For a more rewarding experience choose one of our deluxe tour packages which will help you discover Sri Lanka in supreme luxury. A country which has just realized peace and prosperity is waiting arms open to prove to its visitors how worthy it is. If there ever was a time to not miss Sri Lanka than this is it. The country is living a moment and we have tried to help you live it with them through our economical yet promising holiday tour packages. Visit Sri Lanka to truly experience the mystery, myth and magic of the Island.

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